Friday, December 24, 2010

January residency

 I will take the same schedule as a film maker in residence. Moving from testing cameras to shooting film for several projects. I have revised the film making course around the Super-8 format since The Institute now has a number of viable cameras and editing equipment.
Goals for this Winter;
Revisiting the images that I collected in Vietnam I want to examine what the body does in the state of work. I also want to collaborate with a musician on short pieces based on musical forms. I want to catalogue a number of objects from my wife Wendy's collection of beautiful old things. Examining my fascination with what they can mean and the stories they embody. Looking forward to the time filming and editing, being in the state of mind of a film.


I'm also looking forward to setting up a super-8 event here at the college that will hopefully bring people's home movies out of the box in the closet and into my projectors