Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Ardelle Project

 Photo by Gabrielle Keller while shooting on the Ardelle in Gloucester Harbor last Friday. The Ardelle left for Washington D.C. on Saturday. The boat's designer and builder Harold Burnham is receiving a National Heritage Award at the Library of Congress on October first. Harold says he will trade a lecture about the boat for a copy of the finished film. I wonder if he knows that what I shot that day will cost about $200 to process and transfer. This project is not a front burner project right now. Maybe this moves it up a bit. Maybe some film education is necessary.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Velocity" Update

Shooting in Salem on Saturday.
It was a run and shoot day, all handheld. I think we covered about 12 shots that will carry the story forward. It is tricky to do this project with just the three of us and Amy and Grant have been great to work with. A crew of three plus Amy and Grant would be perfect.  The shooting is exciting and the anticipation is still there. So now I have about 600 feet ready to go off to the lab. The new Orwo film looks great.
On parallel track, I have been recording and mixing audio and designing titles for the next studio sessions. Needing to spend time with musicians making sounds that don't sound like music.