Sunday, June 21, 2015


I have been working since spring on a number of projects that are somewhat related but different in process.
The Velo Frames project is a series of hand printed lithographs derived from frames from films that I capture digitally. I make film positives from these frames and then make photo litho plates which are then printed on a hand litho press. This month, I hav ebeen working with Rosie Farnan at Montserrat to test proof some of the images. If these work I am planning a series of image groupings which make reference to film sequences. These images will be presnted as a series which will work something like a story board to create a narrative from the still images. In essence I am distilling a 10-minute film into 10 or so frames.
The Animated Sound project is an animated film made with a Super-16 camera. This is a camera that photographs a wider than standard 16mm frame. Into the 1/5th larger frame I am creating graphic patterns that will be photographed where the optical sound track would normally be. My first test roll is in progress. I will process the film as reversal and project it to see/hear what I have made.

Xubdued Light Film Series is part of a series of Pop-Up shows at the Montserrat Gallery during the month of June. I invited 17 film makers from the AgX film collective in Waltham to participate in these screenings.
"Prospectus for " Xubdued Light" 
June 15-19th , 2015 
Montserrat Gallery Montserrat College of Art
A series of films which represent the active experimental film community in Boston. This series will be part of the Summer Pop-Up shows happening during the month of June at the Montserrat Gallery at Montserrat College of Art. Although popularly known for documentary film, Boston has a rich experimental film making tradition. These films represent a variety of approaches to the film material and the film form. I have grouped the four evening screenings into broad categories which, I think represent some of the different approaches to film that encompass and typify contemporary experimental film making.;

Found Film and Collage
Camera-less Films
Visual Essays and Journals

I emphasize that the primary point of departure would be that the work should have originated on film. This conceit takes into account the fact that many filmmakers present their work in a variety of formats. As a result this series will contain work in Super-8, 16mm silent and sound, digital video and projection/performance.

Ethan Berry May 2015
Participating Artists; (as of 5/20)
Paul Turano
Kathryn Ramey
Joe Shepard
Youjin Moon
Stefan Grabowski
Luther Price
Saul Levine
Doug Urbank
Mariya Nikiforova
Susan Deleo
Luis Arnias
Kimberly Forero Arnias
Brittany Gravely
Robert Todd
Kevin Rice
Laura Ryan

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

An Update

After a long absence. I am back to posting.
An update is in order. I have been on sabbatical since January. Working on several films and a helping start a film collective in Boston.
Work on these films is an indirect process everything is deferred. shooting, developing, logging and editing.  Sound and image research are all latent, postponed kinds of actions. I am getting close to my limit of composure. I have set up a circumstance where everything is postponed, deferred or in some state of development.
I am concentrating on one film right now. getting the process through to the finish.
This film is a portrait of Printmaker Haig Demarjian. I am looking specifically at the engraving he has been working on lately. I want to create a sense of the place and process that surround his work.