Thursday, November 29, 2012

Velocity Film Update

I will be shooting the last bits with Grant and Amy over the next two weekend, compiling the rolls for telecine transfer, and designing the text for inter-titles. This is my structural solution to how I can incorporate text into the film while presenting an episodic narrative. I have gathered a lot of the sound and will be recording Grant and Amy this weekend reading from Ruskin, Krauss, Crary, Dickinson and Whitman along with their own poems. Another structural idea for incorporating the text that I want to sort of lay over the film. 
I'm not sure just what I was thinking when I started this in June, but it has changed into something more poetic than my original idea. Where I was perhaps thinking of an austere alternating of images and text I now am imagining something denser and more expressive of the mean-ness of the time. I have given myself until the end of December to finish the shooting. I will make the film out of what material I have at that time. After the telecine transfer  I will be editing the digital and conforming the original.