Friday, July 11, 2014

Pennsylvania Weather

It seems as if the valley below Bowers Junction has a way of generating dramatic weather.
the whole place is called the Lehigh Valley but this was a very local squall. Unlike the coast, the weather moves pretty fast. The sky seemed so big and expressive.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Across the Bridge

It was an exciting and rare opportunity this semester to team teach a course  with Rebecca Bourgault and Dawn Paul. We presented an interdisciplinary course that was focused on the closing of the Salem Harbor Station power plant, and the stories the workers had to tell about their experiences there. We were ambitious and inventive in developing the course. We  accomplished a lot and it is hard to believe that it has all come together in a show at the plant.
It was all made possible with the generous support of the Footprint Power company led by Peter Furniss. It was also possible because the plant workers were generous and trusting with the students. they gave their time and effort to making the project work right up until the show. Even now, the workers are serving an tour guides for visitors to the show.
The students also built trust and trusted the workers in exchanging their ideas and responding creatively to what they heard from the workers.
In the end we all moved across our own thresholds and stepped out of our comfort zone and . The institutions, the students, the workers all moved into uncharted territory in working on this project. Nothing like this has ever been done by any of us.
It has been a rare opportunity to have worked on this project.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Post Christmas-pre New Year

A season of major change. I have realized that my house was a penance project. It functioned as a kind of punishment for the insensitive way I treated those those who loved me when I was in my late 20's. I maintained it as a combination shrine to by broken dreams and a reminder of the suffering I thought I deserved.

Now that is over.

Also the move to Wendy's house. Many difficult choices about what to take, discard or leave behind.
I felt a kind of authority during this transition that I don't often feel. As if I was determining the way my life would be going forward.

New courses and teaching collaborations represent new, never before projects that will carry into the summer.

Volumes of experience and inspiration from the recent film conference in Colorado... Leading to more film ideas than I can write down or draw.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The house in Downingtown Pennsylvania where six years of Thanksgiving dinners took place. This is also the house where my mother died in 1966. I moved through this house in my teens and the beginning of college. The leaving of this place set the pattern for my leaving places. I walked away from what I didn't want, leaving treasured things behind. There is lots of regret left in this house.

Friday, October 25, 2013

How to best cope with the emotions and tasks of this season.?

Life will be getting more difficult, for  a while.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Vibrant Matter

Borrowing a title from Jane Bennet's book on the political ecology of things...

I am moving around and through the house and studio at 10 Cedar Street. Looking at what I have saved and what I have built. I am under some pressure to keep moving, keep making choices. I put things here and leave things there, deciding their fate (as if objects have a "fate"). What is apparent as I do this is how I am still fascinated by this process of spreading things out and grouping them together. Tools here, electrical bits there, hardware over there, until the piles are boxed up. I have not let go of the idea that simply documenting the objects will make some meaning apparent. I imagine simple shelves on which the objects are placed to be changed at intervals. Not a game like Duchamp but more like the pictures posted on  the fences near ground Zero. An ongoing installation of sorts. Do you know this object? How do you know this object? Where is this object? How do you know they way you know this object?

I will make a place for this to happen and be documented here.

Friday, September 13, 2013


As part of the move to Wendy's house,  I have set up a small library is a shared office space in Salem. This space will house the overflow of books coming from my studio that just cannot fit into Wendy's house in Beverly. I like this idea of having a place to go and read that is not in my house surrounded by the other work I have to do.

In order to mark the occasion, I am having the first in a series of conversations in the library with my friend Brian Pellinen. Brian is an educator and a writer who is a brilliant conversation person.. He listens and knows how to make connections to what is often a larger conversation. He also really enjoys just playing tennis with ideas. There is no agenda or plan for these conversations just a starting point from  some common interest perhaps.. Maybe a series of questions or projects to be discussed.

 I plan other conversations with lots of other friends and colleagues. I trust that this will turn into an interesting project and make The Library a valuable source for ideas and a fun place to go.