Saturday, November 20, 2010

!6 mm Film Workshop

Course title;
Topics in photography; 16mm Film Workshop
Submitted by Ethan Berry
Photography Department
Fall 2010

16mm Film Workshop
Winter Session 2011

This course is an introduction to 16mm film making through hands on experience.
The course covers the skills required to produce non-sync films. (Films that do not have sound recorded at the same time) from concept through completion.  The course covers: Basic screenwriting and basic photographic skills, working with 16mmm film cameras, choosing film stocks, knowledge of continuity, coverage and composition, lighting, working with a laboratory, analyzing dailies, logging, digital conversion and non-linear editing.
Students will develop, write shoot and edit a short non-sync film outside of class time using 16mm cameras, basic 16mmm editing equipment and digital editing software.

Course requirements:
1-page scenario for 2-3 minute film
3-6 page script or storyboard for the same project.
Shoot a short film outside of class
Screen footage for the project in class.
Attendance and participation in group discussions and projects
Credit student will also write a three-page paper on one of three topics assigned in class.

Fulfills 200 level studio elective.

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