Friday, January 6, 2012

Number Two; still from 8mm circa 1969

Screen grabs from the 8mm footage I shot in Kutztown in 1968-69.
I am on the left and James Reinbold is on the right. Both images were shot at the 168 /w. Main Street address. For a film called Number Two.


  1. Hey Ethan... can't wait to see this one finished...
    How have you been these last 35 years?

    -Matinee Idol

    1. Steve,
      Looking back over some of my blog comments. Yours sent me into an investigation of our old crew. I found everyone except Robert who we last saw in Woodstock Vermont while editing in that batbarn. I am curious as well to see what you are shooting now. I would imagine you are shooting more video than film.