Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stills from Wenham Shoot 12/16

A chilly evening of exteriors with Leon Vuong, and Dino Traite doing PA. That's Grant trying to stay warm and look like Winslow Homer. Looks more like Byron though. The primary function of this scene is to help get the Grant character out of the film. Shot projections on the smoke. Have not seen the video that Dino shot yet. It looked great in the viewfinder but I have learned...both good and bad to tune to the  the discovering of the image on the film.
Shot Orwo 400T on the borderline. I am superstitious about loosing blacks when pushing this stuff. Off it goes to Burbank tomorrow. The crew were great troopers, ACL worked great in the cold with a body warmed battery. Not much but titles left to do... again I have learned. I know there will be some shots to  pick up.
Photos by Dino Traite

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