Monday, September 23, 2013

Vibrant Matter

Borrowing a title from Jane Bennet's book on the political ecology of things...

I am moving around and through the house and studio at 10 Cedar Street. Looking at what I have saved and what I have built. I am under some pressure to keep moving, keep making choices. I put things here and leave things there, deciding their fate (as if objects have a "fate"). What is apparent as I do this is how I am still fascinated by this process of spreading things out and grouping them together. Tools here, electrical bits there, hardware over there, until the piles are boxed up. I have not let go of the idea that simply documenting the objects will make some meaning apparent. I imagine simple shelves on which the objects are placed to be changed at intervals. Not a game like Duchamp but more like the pictures posted on  the fences near ground Zero. An ongoing installation of sorts. Do you know this object? How do you know this object? Where is this object? How do you know they way you know this object?

I will make a place for this to happen and be documented here.

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