Friday, September 13, 2013


As part of the move to Wendy's house,  I have set up a small library is a shared office space in Salem. This space will house the overflow of books coming from my studio that just cannot fit into Wendy's house in Beverly. I like this idea of having a place to go and read that is not in my house surrounded by the other work I have to do.

In order to mark the occasion, I am having the first in a series of conversations in the library with my friend Brian Pellinen. Brian is an educator and a writer who is a brilliant conversation person.. He listens and knows how to make connections to what is often a larger conversation. He also really enjoys just playing tennis with ideas. There is no agenda or plan for these conversations just a starting point from  some common interest perhaps.. Maybe a series of questions or projects to be discussed.

 I plan other conversations with lots of other friends and colleagues. I trust that this will turn into an interesting project and make The Library a valuable source for ideas and a fun place to go.

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  1. idea, that's been simmering a while: select ten books (physical copies of books) with which one has a personal significant relationship. display in purpose-built cases, with commentary. and give a talk about those books. might involve three, four people at a time.

    unlike your idea, there would be a starting point: the books at hand.